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 The company makes software that cannabis companies need . Also software to state governments where cannabis is legal . So it has multiple revenue streams . Research the company CEO Jessica Billingsley . She is a living legend in the word of cannabis. Right now the company makes money from cannabis. But the company's software can be used for all of agriculture , all of farming. This is a good long term investment. Stock is now around 7.87 dollars up 162 percent in last 3 months. Akerna - ticker KERN

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I tried to post this on reddit wallstreetbets. But the moderators removed my post. Not sure what is going on with wallstreetbets. After reading some of the comments . Looks like other people had there posts on stocks removed for no good reason. I have given up on wallstreetbets. 

FSR Marketing ideas for the Fisker Ocean electric SUV

          These are some marketing ideas I have for the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.  The Ocean is the first electric car the company will produce. A second one is soon coming. About 3 or 4 cars in total. One of these will be a pick up truck. Goal of these marketing ideas is to increase awareness of company. The second goal is to have marketing ideas that could potentially to lead to additional revenue streams for the company. Additional revenue streams outside if the sale or lease of cars. Would help increase stock rating and price target for the stock . The stock FSR,  already has 1 outperform rating and a price target of 22. If you agree with any of these marketing ideas. Please email  Fisker investor relations at  fiskerIR@icrinc.com   and let them know. 

      Let's start with the website and app. Not in love with them. Could be a lot better. Very cold. Need a more of a personnel human touch. A few YouTube videos with people  talking about the car and the company would help. A friendly face people can connect to. The layout of website is bad. Not easy to find important information . If you go to website . Look for the link that says FAQ. You will see very important information about charging. And the company's partnership with   Electrify America. This is very important information that should be easy to find. It should be out front and clear to see. No one clicks on the FAQ link on a website.

      Next let's talk about Fisker gear / Fisker merchandise. One of the easiest ways of marketing and building awareness is merchandise. If someone that owns stock in Fisker. Or is going to buy a car. If they are seen walking aroung in a Fisker hat , or t-shirt. People might ask them about Fisker. The company should have an online store on website. Where people can buy Fisker  merchandise . The company does not have store but does have Fisker merchandise. As part of the company's referral program. People can win a free Fisker hat , t-shirt, or sweatshirt.  Many of the Fisker investor. Many of the people that have reservations for the car. Would love to be able to buy some Fisker gear. This would cost the company very little money if any at all. The company is not going to make a lot of money from Fisker merchandise now. But down the road a few years from now maybe. Harley Davidson makes about 300 million dollars a year from merchandise. If Fisker could show just the potential of building some revenue from merchandise. Might give  stock analysis reason to increase stock rating.  According to her profile on Linkedin. Natasha Fisker went to FIDM  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. It also says she is the Marketing Manager at Fisker. She might be able to create a great line of merchandise for the company. 

      Next lets talk about music. Everybody loves music. Everybody listens to music in their cars. A music contest. And plans for Fisker music concerts in the future. For the music contest. People could send in cover songs . To make it fun and easy for everyone. The winners would be added to a Fisker spotify playlist. Or a Fisker station on iHeart radio.  Winners could also get the chance to be in the Fisker music concerts. The music concerts and radio station. Could start off as something small.  One or more small music concerts a year. With the possibility of growing into something larger down the road. Something that could lead to another source revenue for the company.  And leading to increase in stock price. 

      Next let's talk about car reviews. Buying or leasing a car is a big deal. People like to do research. Check out car reviews. The company has to have car reviewers see and drive the car. Yes, I know the car does not come out until 22. But the car company does have a working prototype.   It is common for car companies to let reviewers see prototypes of cars. Very common. These reviews help with awareness of new product. Feedback from reviews help improve final version.  

      Fisker is in a unique position to not only separate  it's self from other EV companies. But to also put it's self ahead of all other EV compaines. Fisker was picked by Yahoo as the hottest EV stock. This was because The Fisker Ocean's role as the most  sustainable vehicle. This is something the company needs to make clear and build on. One of the members of the Fisker board of directors is Wendy Greuel. During her political campaign back in 2014. One of her campaign themes was , Combating Climate Change. She has been fighting for the environment for a very long time. This is information a lot of people would like to know. Information that should be on website and use in marketing. To help build the Fisker brand name.  For marketing slogan , " The 2022 Fisker Ocean electric SUV. The best green investment you can make." It's a clear message for billboards, web ads, TV and radio. 


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The case for Fisker Stock - FSR


The case for Fisker Stock - FSR

           This is the case for electric car company Fisker. Reasons why the stock should get a strong by rating. Reasons why people should consider the stock for long term investment. Let's start with the price. The base price is 37,499 dollars. A great price for an electric car. Even better for electric SUV. But that is just the base price. It's the price before federal and state incentives for electric vehicles. State incentives are different in each state. In California you get a 2,000 dollar rebate. The federal incentive is a tax credit up to 7,500.  That is up to 7,500.  Some will get 7,500. Some will get less. California is the biggest market for electric cars in America. So if someone in California could get the maximum federal tax credit . And that person also gets 2,000 from the state.  The real cost of the Fisker SUV for them. Would be around 27,999 . That is an amazing price. The federal tax credit is for buying or leasing an electric car. Fisker has an amazing price that will attract many people. Fisker also has an amazing lease plan that will attract many people. It's important to know federal tax credit has ended for GM and Tesla. People can no longer get the federal tax credit , on cars from those 2 companies. So Fisker has a big advantage. 

Next let's talk about the billion dollar elephant in the room. One of the main reasons many companies fair is because they run out of money. They keep having to raise money to keep the lights on. Before the company is able to become profitable. The Chinese electric car company NIO is doing very well today. But just a year ago. The company ran out of money. It has to raise emergency funds to keep the company going.  Fisker has a billion dollars and no debt. Fisker is not going to have the problems NIO and other companies have had. This is another big advantage Fisker has. They are few companies that are in such strong financial shape.

Next let's talk about Tesla. Is Fisker a Tesla killer? Can Fisker compete with Tesla. Not every EV company is on a mission to be a Tesla killer. Not every EV company is trying to compete with Tesla. Tesla can not be all things for all people. The idea that everyone and their mom wants a Tesla is insane. There needs to be different flavors of ice cream for everyone. There has been very high demand for the Fisker Ocean. There has also been very high demand for the Volkswagen ID.4 . Different flavors of ice cream for everyone. That is how the world works. That is reality.  The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903. General Motors ( GM ) , was founded in 1908. Did people say Ford was too far ahead of GM ? Did they say everyone and their mom would be driving a Ford. And GM would  not be successful.

Fisker Ocean SUV

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8 "Are You Leading or Am I " - Review

              My review of Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8 "Are You Leading or Am I " . The bridge scene. A lot to process a lot to analyze. Their words their facial expressions. Did you notice that it has always been Eve  chasing.  But at the bridge it was Villanelle chasing Eve. Also Eve was always the adult in the relationship. The reasonable one,  the steady rock.  With Villanelle being the emotionally one. Eve wanted to keep going after the 12. No matter the cost.  Villanelle and Carolyn both thought it would be best to stop. On the bridge Eve seemed to be emotionally exhausted . She was leaning on Villanelle for support . Villanelle was keeping Eve from falling apart. Villanelle was being reasonable. She was was willing to let Eve go. To let her just walk away. In order to give Eve the normal life. That Eve thought  she wanted. Villanelle was willing to do that. Even though it would be one of the hardest and most painful things she has ever done. Because at that moment Villanelle knew. At that moment Villanelle completely understood. It may have taken Villanelle some time but  now she knows. At the end of season 2 . Villanelle tells Eve that she loves her. Eve tells Villanelle that she does't understand what love is. Back then Eve was right. But now. At that moment on the bridge. Villanelle now understands what love is.

    So what is next for season 4. I have no idea. The door is wide open for the show to go in any direction . Will we ever see  Konstantin and his daughter again.  I hope so. Eve and Villanelle could just take a trip to Cuba to find them.  Want do I want in season 4. When it comes to the Eve and Villanelle  relationship. I think the fans of the show need a break . Now that they are close. Don't add any drama that would tear them apart in season 4. Put all the drama into fighting the 12 and other things.

The song at the end was  TELL ME by JOHNNY JEWEL  (Featuring Saoirse Ronan)

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8 "Are You Leading or Am I " - Review

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8 "Are You Leading or Am I " - Review

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Protest / March in Atlanta - George Floyd

Photos and video from the March 29 protest in Atlanta

Protest / March in Atlanta - George Floyd
Protest / March in Atlanta - George Floyd