LiveMe Guide

LiveMe Guide - 
recommended broadcasters to follow

The broadcasters will be listed in 4 groups.  Group 1,2,3 and 4. Some broadcasters might be in more than one group. Group 1 , is kid safe and family friendly .   Group 2 , the most interesting , the most engaged with the audience. Group 3 , talented people. Like singers . Group 4 is eye candy. People who are there just to look pretty. Not interesting or talented. They just look pretty.

Group 1-    kid safe and family friendly

Kids should not be on this app. Not a safe app for kids to be on. But a lot of kids are using this app. For the kids that are using the app. If you only follow this broadcasters and no one else. And if you have parental supervision you should be ok.



There seems to be a problem with the links. They seem to work only on desktop and not on phone.
This is a work in progress . Please come back for updates.