Aptera could be the top selling EV in India -Aptera is the most sustainable car in the world

India could be a big part of the future of Aptera. If Aptera starts now. Gets to know the market in India. It could be the top selling EV in India. It could set up a microfactory in India. Much cheaper than anyone else can. With tax credits from the government in India . It could make an EV cheaper than anyone else. Solar and the low energy needs of the Aptera would be a big selling point. All I am saying is. Aptera should start making plans for India. Get to know people in the government there. Do you want Aptera to sell thousands of cars or millions of cars? 3 wheel vehicles are very common in India. People see them every day. There will be greater adoption in India. Tax credits for EVs won’t be a problem in India. The people of India will get the math of the Aptera. They will love the efficiency of the Aptera. In america millions of people will never think about buying a 3 wheel car. They will see it as less safe as a 4 wheel car. Aptera is the EV that India needs. 2 key points that will make Aptera a big hit in India. You can get power from the sun. And the low needs of the Aptera that make it easy to charge at home with standard outlet. India has a history of blackouts. It has been struggling to produce enough power to keep up with demand . Also, there is a growing but currently limited ev charging infrastructure . These problems that India has. Makes Aptera the best EV for India. This also makes the odds of getting government and private investment in Aptera much greater. The government will see the need for Aptera in India. And will work with the company to get it there. Another thing to think about is battery swapping. To help speed up adoptions of EVs in India. The government is pushing the idea of battery swapping. 300 miles seems to be the top range of the EVs in India. To make 300 range Aptera for India. That runs on 3 or 4 swappable batteries should not be a problem. With the low needs of the Aptera.