value investing - Ouster lidar - stock ticker 0ust

Company is Ouster . The stock ticker is , oust .  The stock has a strong buy rating and a one year price target of 25. The current price as of today is 9.96 . This is a good long term investment. Buy it and forget it. Don't worry over the day to day stock price. Soon everything will be using lidar. Cars , drones , robots  even your grandma's rascal scooter. And Ouster has the best tech.  On the company's Board of Directors is Sundari Mitra. She served as Corporate Vice President of Intel.  Some of the big institutional investors in the Ouster are  Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Ouster’s multi-year contracts represent a potential for over $325M in revenue opportunity through 2025.

So what is value investing? The best way to understand this. Is to understand what is not value investing. Uber , Lyft , many tech companies . Many electric car companies are not value investing. Some like Uber and Lyft have not been profitable for a long time. And will not be profitable for many more years. Many electric car companies. Don't have a car today that they can sell. Some of them it might not have a car they can sell . For the next six months or a year. The value of these companies is mostly just on paper. Just the current price of their. They pay their bills by selling more stock. Or borrowing it form banks. It might become more harder for these companies to keep paying their bills this way. And it's one of the big reasons the stock market has been crazy. 

So what should investors do. They need to invest in a company that has real world value today. Not just value on paper. Invest in a company that has a real business . Not just a business plan. Invest in a company. That has a real product, that can be made and sold today. Not in a company that just has a prototype. And is months or years away from having a product that can be sold. Ouster checks all those boxes . Ouster has a real product that it is manufacturing and selling today.  As of today. Ouster has  500 paying customers world wild. That number keeps growing. When it comes to lidar. Ouster is way ahead of everyone else. 




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Ouster’s multi-year contracts represent a potential for over $325M in revenue opportunity through 2025