The case for Fisker Stock - FSR

           This is the case for electric car company Fisker. Reasons why the stock should get a strong by rating. Reasons why people should consider the stock for long term investment. Let's start with the price. The base price is 37,499 dollars. A great price for an electric car. Even better for electric SUV. But that is just the base price. It's the price before federal and state incentives for electric vehicles. State incentives are different in each state. In California you get a 2,000 dollar rebate. The federal incentive is a tax credit up to 7,500.  That is up to 7,500.  Some will get 7,500. Some will get less. California is the biggest market for electric cars in America. So if someone in California could get the maximum federal tax credit . And that person also gets 2,000 from the state.  The real cost of the Fisker SUV for them. Would be around 27,999 . That is an amazing price. The federal tax credit is for buying or leasing an electric car. Fisker has an amazing price that will attract many people. Fisker also has an amazing lease plan that will attract many people. It's important to know federal tax credit has ended for GM and Tesla. People can no longer get the federal tax credit , on cars from those 2 companies. So Fisker has a big advantage. 

Next let's talk about the billion dollar elephant in the room. One of the main reasons many companies fair is because they run out of money. They keep having to raise money to keep the lights on. Before the company is able to become profitable. The Chinese electric car company NIO is doing very well today. But just a year ago. The company ran out of money. It has to raise emergency funds to keep the company going.  Fisker has a billion dollars and no debt. Fisker is not going to have the problems NIO and other companies have had. This is another big advantage Fisker has. They are few companies that are in such strong financial shape.

Next let's talk about Tesla. Is Fisker a Tesla killer? Can Fisker compete with Tesla. Not every EV company is on a mission to be a Tesla killer. Not every EV company is trying to compete with Tesla. Tesla can not be all things for all people. The idea that everyone and their mom wants a Tesla is insane. There needs to be different flavors of ice cream for everyone. There has been very high demand for the Fisker Ocean. There has also been very high demand for the Volkswagen ID.4 . Different flavors of ice cream for everyone. That is how the world works. That is reality.  The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903. General Motors ( GM ) , was founded in 1908. Did people say Ford was too far ahead of GM ? Did they say everyone and their mom would be driving a Ford. And GM would  not be successful.

Fisker Ocean SUV