Nikola and hydrogen will play a key role in the future of the world

      I own a small amount of stock in a company called ,  Nikola Corporation
NASDAQ: NKLA. I wished that I had a lot of stock. But that is another story for another time . So why did I invest in the company? Why do I think Nikola is a better investment than Tesla? Because hydrogen will be play a key role in the future of the world. A key role in fighting climate change. A key role in energy independence. A key role in saving the world. Nikola Motor Company is the best in the world at hydrogen.

       About 30 percent of electricity comes from coal. America's power grid is in bad shape. It has been in bad shape for many years. Odds are very high it will be in bad shape in the future . Since I was a kid. I remember news reports of power blackouts around the nations. It seems like every summer when it gets very hot. Power companies  struggle to keep up with increasing demand. With the effects of climate change this problem will continue and grow. If all the cars and trucks were only electric . Or just a very large amount. It would be a nightmare. The nation's power grid could not keep up. There would be more power blackouts. The price people pay for electricity would go way up. The Nikola hydrogen cars and trucks put not extra burden on the nation's power grid. The future will be a combination of hydrogen and electric  vehicles . Nikola does both hydrogen and electric. Tesla does only electric . This gives Nikola a big advantage over Tesla. It is also very important that people understand that Nikola is not just a automotive company. It is also a energy company. Nikola is building a very large network of hydrogen fueling stations. 

      Before I go. I have to say something about the people attacking the company. This is a quote from Steve Harvey. “If you want to kill a big dream tell it to a small-minded person.”

Nikola and hydrogen  will play a key role in the future of the world