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Child Bride is a movie about a schoolteacher in a rural community campaigns to stop the practice of older men marrying young, underage girls. I believe this movie has historical and educational value.  Most people do not know that child marriage did happen in America not too long ago. Most people do not know that child marriage still going on in many parts of the world today.

Child Bride, also known as Child Brides, Child Bride of the Ozarks, and Dust to Dust (USA reissue titles),[citation needed] is a 1938 American film directed by Harry Revier and produced by Raymond L. Friedgen. The film was promoted as educational and as an attempt to draw attention to the lack of laws banning child marriage in many states.

The film is set in a remote town in the Ozarks. It was very controversial at the time both for its theme and because of a topless and nude swimming scene by then 12-year-old Shirley Mills. The film bypassed the ban of onscreen nudity under the Hays Code by being produced and distributed independently of the studio system, and by claiming to be educational. Although the film was banned in many areas, the movie's controversial nature gave it a certain infamy and it played on the so-called exploitation circuit for many years.

The film was one of director Revier's last. He had previously made a series of low-budget, independent movies including The Lost City series and Lash of the Penitentes.

According to an interview with Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame, this movie was screened for the show, but it was considered too awful and disturbing by the crew, with Murphy saying that he needed "a good cry and a shower" after the film. In a separate interview with Frank Conniff, who selected films for the show, he cited it as the worst film he had watched as a potential selection for the show.

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Child Bride (1938) Full Movie  - end child marriage