What did you think about the new CBS  show Intelligence  ? I thought it was just ok. Nothing special about it. Nothing I loved or hated about the show. But I did not understand the very end of the show. It looked like the traitor and some other bad guys got away. Also the woman with the chip. If they were not able to find these people. Why would they trade the leader back to China. A lot of lose ends in the end. That part did not make sense. As a spy show. It does not fill the hole in my heart left by Burn Notice. And it's not half as interesting as  The Blacklist. The Sci-Fi part was only a little interesting.  The show has a great cast. But the writers of the show need to do a lot better. I am hoping the second episode is a lot better. If not I will stop watching.



Josh Holloway as Gabriel Vaughn
Marg Helgenberger as Lillian Strand
Meghan Ory as Secret Service Special Agent Riley Neal  / she is also Red Riding Hood in Once Upon A Time

Michael Rady as Chris Jameson
John Billingsley as Shenendoah Cassidy
P. J. Byrne as Nelson Cassidy