Angelocracy - An Engaging Concept

I admit that, until very recently, I had never heard the term angelocracy.  Being a child of the insta-info age, I promptly hit up google for a definition:

Main Entry: angelocracy
Part of Speech: n
Definition: rule or domination by angels

What an interesting concept, and one that I find myself intrigued by.  The idea of wise and selfless beings taking over our current mess is tempting, but is the idea theoretical, philosophical or taken literally?

While I'll admit to being new to the concept of angelocracy, I do know this for a fact;  our current social and political environment is a seething mess.  The general world public has little trust in global leadership and we are environmentally and economically running on fumes. 

The internet has brought us together as an international culture.  No longer are we nations separated by barriers of language and distance.  We are all interconnected, and becoming more so as technology continues to put world access in our briefcases and hand bags.

Years ago we could stand aside and keep our noses to ourselves, but now, more then ever, we are realizing that our planet is like a house of cards.  It must be built carefully and with thought to the structure as a whole, or the entire thing collapses.

Standing in the middle of our house of cards, can even our world leaders see what's best for the whole construct?  We are continually made aware of the butterfly effect.  The tsunami in Japan effects the price of salt in America.  Connections upon connections, developing into a web of dependence.

Perhaps, as we look up from the mess we are in, we will one day see angels watching us.  From their position above us they can see our whole shining world, and every tremor has meaning for them.  They can read these signs, and direct us towards a wiser and gentler existence. 

Until then, I take the concept of angelocracy to be a hopeful metaphor, and I pray that we as global citizens can learn to be angels ourselves, carefully building up our house of cards together.